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January 24, 2022 00:34:39
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Ep. 015 - Canvassing in the Deep End

Have you ever returned from a canvass demoralised that you only ended up preaching to those already converted? Wish there was some way to build bridges to cross the chasms that are growing wider with every day in an increasingly fractured and polarised political landscape?The technique of deep canvassing was created to respond directly to these concerns. With its origins in the fight for marriage equality in California, practitioners of deep canvassing have employed radical empathy and listening in order to reach people and change minds on issues ranging from trans rights and health care to immigration and encampments. It may not be a silver bullet but, given the success it's had in the states, it's no surprise that Canadian organisers are beginning to pay attention. This week on the show, Rocky will get the straight dope on deep canvassing as they talk to Nicholas Schmidt, a deep canvasser with Down Home North Carolina: a group that has made the technique a corner stone of reaching out and building bridges with voters in the deeply conservative south.Nahum Mann will also return to the show to discuss the work of the Encampment Support Network which has helped pioneer the technique in Canada to change the conversation around the encampment in Dufferin Grove Park.     [LINKS] Atlas of Resistance – TWITTER Atlas of Resistance - FACEBOOK Down Home North Carolina - WEBSITE Down Home North Carolina - TWITTERDown Home North Carolina - FACEBOOKEncampment Support Network ...



December 14, 2021 00:31:42
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Ep. 014 - The Front Lines are a Callin

From the coastal waters of Mi'kma'ki to the yintah, Indigenous folks have been leading some of the most and successful resistance movements across Turtle Island, despite often violent reprisals from the police and in the case of Mi'kmaq fisherfolk even some settlers. Despite this, these activists persist because the work they do is necessary to protect Indigenous lands and livelihoods.One does not have to go far from Toronto to find a successful example of front-line indigenous activism either. For over a year, 1492 Land Back Lane (led by Haudenosaunee activists) have resisted multiple violent police incursions In this episode, Rocky talks to Skylar Williams (Mohawk-Wolf Clan), the spokesperson for 1492 Land Back Lane and a veteran of countless front-line struggles about his work, the struggle and why it is vital that settlers begin show up to stand alongside himself and others to protect our Indigenous brothers and sisters and the lands they call home. [LINKS] 1492 Land Back Lane -- TWITTER Learn More About 1492 Land Back LaneAtlas of Resistance – TWITTER Atlas of Resistance -- FACEBOOK[SOME MORE GOOD PEOPLE TO FOLLOW]   Eve Saint - TWITTER Gidimten Checkpoint - TWITTER Likhts’amisyu (Fireweed Clan) - TWITTER Git'luuhl'um'hetxwit Media - TWITTER[MONEY TALKS]1492 Land Back Lane Legal FundDonate to Single Father Organasing at 1492 LBLDonate to Gitxsan Land Defenders' Legal FundDonate to Vanessa Gray's Legal Defence Fund ...



November 20, 2021 00:53:49
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Ep. 013 - COP Special (AKA: All the Good COP Puns Have Been Taken)

 Sick of having the most modest proposals to address the climate emergency be celebrated as revolutionary? You are not alone... In a COP Conference Special, three interviews with climate activists whose perspectives have been either marginalised or missing from the negotiating floor in Glasgow. Featuring: Jacob Crane (Tsuut’ina-Dene), Just Transition Lead with Indigenous Climate Action on his experience in Glasgow and how effective climate action requires the Indigenous leadership. Ferrial Adam, Climate Justice and Energy Coordinator – Africa on her experience taking part in the Counter COP summit and the solutions activists from across the continent champion. Nógha Fabian (K'atl'odeeche-Dene), Former Coordinator of K'atl'odeechee Indigenous Guardians Programme on the the impacts of the climate crisis on the lands and waterways around the Great Slave Lake, NWT [LINKS]   Africa Counter COP Statement Nógha's Interview with Panoramic Outdoors Podcast - A Great ListenIndigenous Guardians Toolkit Friends of the Earth - Africa - TWITTERFriends of the Earth - Africa - WEBSITEFriends of the Earth - Africa - FACEBOOK Indigenous Climate Action - TWITTERIndigenous Climate Action - WEBSITEIndigenous Climate Action - FACEBOOKAtlas of Resistance – TWITTER Atlas of Resistance -- FACEBOOK ...



July 05, 2021 00:48:08
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Ep. 012 - Gig Workers United

Union Organiser and Gig Worker Jennifer Scott of Gig Workers United shares her experiences on the front lines fighting to unionise and win labour rights for her fellow gig workers. We explore the difficult coversations that gig workers must have with each other, the dehumanisation both the apps and our urban environments force couriers to experience AND why all eyes should be Ontario as the province sets out to re-define the future of work. [IMPORTANT] The consultations for the Ontario's Workforce Recovery Advisory Committee close on 31 July 2021. They can be emailed at [email protected] with written comments. More information contextualising the work of this comittee can be found in the links section below (or by listening to this podcast. teehee [WEBSITE NOTE] Due to our old podcast host (Podiant) being acquired by Castos, the Website is currently a mess. The same is true for the podcast feed which might have duplicate episodes and missing show notes. This will be resolved sometime within the next couple of weeks. Apologies on the less than professional web experience. [MUSIC] INTRO: Hot Corner – Katsumi Horii Project OUTRO: Bread and Roses - Dawn Landes, Alana Amram & Abigail Chapin [LINKS] Ontario Workforce Advisory Comittee Toronto Star: A new committee is exploring the future of work — but critics say it lacks a crucial voice: workers Jacobin: Uber’s Flexible Work+ Campaign Is a Scam to Evade Canada’s Labor Laws Gig Workers United – WEBSITE Gig Workers United ...



June 30, 2021 00:28:24
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Ep. 011 - North of Bloor Mutual Aid

Organisers Mercedes Ferrer and Linda Kwan of the North of Bloor Mutual Aid Network share with Rocky both the challenges and rewards in navigating the sometimes byzantine systems here in Ontario to connect neighbours to vaccines. In addition, we talk about the challenges of building trust with the community, a cornerstone of any mutual aid project. If you're keen to learn more about the basic principles of mutual aid check out Episode Three where I interview Nahum Mann of the Davenport Mutual Aid Network. Link to the episode will be found in the links section of the show notes. *If you or someone you know needs help accessing vaccines and need service you can call North of Bloor Mutual Aid's Hotline @ 647.945.4308 and you will be called back by someone in a language you are most comfortable with* **[MORE INFO]** More information on the North of Bloor Mutual Aid Network checkout the links section below! **[MUSIC]** *Intro:* Baby Talk - Himiko Kikuchi *Outro:* Crusing Boy - Katsumi Horii Project ...



June 12, 2021 00:32:27
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Ep. 010 - Container Gardening in Flemingdon Park

Plant genetics educator, researcher and Dr. Javad Mozafari shares with Rocky his experience partnering with the Flemingdon Health Centre to teach his neighbours how to cultivate fruits, herbs and vegetables right from their apartments and balconies. From there the conversation branches out to discussing the broader issues of food security, sovreignty and how regaining local and household control of our food production will be an integral part of building food systems resilient for the 21st century. To see the fruit of the class' labour check out the links section below. **[MUSIC]** *Intro:* Plantasia - Mort Garson *Outro:* You Don't Have to Walk a Begonia - Mort Garson ...