Ep. 012 - Gig Workers United

Episode 12 July 05, 2021 00:48:08
Ep. 012 - Gig Workers United
Atlas of Resistance
Ep. 012 - Gig Workers United

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Union Organiser and Gig Worker Jennifer Scott of Gig Workers United shares her experiences on the front lines fighting to unionise and win labour rights for her fellow gig workers. We explore the difficult coversations that gig workers must have with each other, the dehumanisation both the apps and our urban environments force couriers to experience AND why all eyes should be Ontario as the province sets out to re-define the future of work.


The consultations for the Ontario's Workforce Recovery Advisory Committee close on 31 July 2021. They can be emailed at [email protected] with written comments. More information contextualising the work of this comittee can be found in the links section below (or by listening to this podcast. teehee


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INTRO: Hot Corner – Katsumi Horii Project

OUTRO: Bread and Roses - Dawn Landes, Alana Amram & Abigail Chapin


Ontario Workforce Advisory Comittee

Toronto Star: A new committee is exploring the future of work — but critics say it lacks a crucial voice: workers

Jacobin: Uber’s Flexible Work+ Campaign Is a Scam to Evade Canada’s Labor Laws

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